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We. Are. Equestrians.

What does an equestrian look like? You!

Maybe you have dabbled in dressage, triumphed in trail riding, cried at cross country, showed up in the show ring, or practised at pony club.

Being an Equestrian isn’t a look – it’s a feeling.

It’s the feeling of joy when you bond with your horse, the feeling of pride when you overcome a challenge, the feeling of excitement when you try something new, the feeling of gratitude when you learn from your mistakes, and the feeling of love when you share your passion with others.

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When it comes to horseback riding, comfort, functionality and style – these points are essential for an enjoyable experience. Equestrian enthusiasts understand the significance of high-quality riding gear, and our brand has been making waves in the equestrian community. With our innovative approach to equestrian tights, Performa Ride has set itself apart from the competition.

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It was 5 years ago, riding in the heat of the Australian spring (about 32°C) that we decided to start designing something that we could wear that would not be so bulky and hot to wear in summer.

We started with samples immediately, and had friends and family testing them from the start, with our first collection launching a few months later. Our first collection had an elastic waist band, was made from lycra and had no pockets. We quickly evolved, adding pockets, a wide waist band and a new less shiny fabric.

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Congratulations on representing Australia in the Mounted Games! You have been selected to represent Australia in Belgium. You have just received a letter telling you that you are 1 of only 5 horse riders selected to travel to Belgium to represent Australia in Mounted Games.

Siena Jackson received this letter a few months back, and she was over the moon that at just 17 years of age, she had the opportunity to represent her country. Just 5 years prior to that moment, Siena tried Mounted Games for the first time and was hooked instantly, after trying many other disciplines. Continue Reading “Let’s get Siena to Belgium!”

Performa Ride were so very excited to be attending the American Endurance Ride Conference in Reno Nevada. It was a trade event we had contemplated for a little while after hearing about it from our friends at Scoot Boots Australia.

We have been to a number of endurance events in Australia, everything from the 50th anniversary of the Tom Quilty, to the 5km intro ride at Wingello. These events are something that we talk about, a lot, at every event we go to. Endurance competitors, organisers, and spectators are an actual community. They camp together over night, socialise at length, and help each other through their rides. Performa Ride has always felt welcome at endurance events.

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Performa Ride customers have been showing their amazingly generous side over the last few weeks. We asked for our Performa Tribe to send in jodhpurs, so that we can re-home them to people in need, and in return we would send out a 50% off voucher.

We reached out to RDA (NSW) to understand their needs, and to connect our customers’ generosity with those needs. Performa Ride is excited to update you soon on where your jodhpurs are being used in the coming weeks. But first, a little on RDA (NSW).
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Before a ride, I have a little checklist in my head, mostly covering off my outfit + one for the pon.
* Riding tights
* Sunsafe shirt
* Matching saddle pad

These are the only things that really ever change when I ride. But without fail, there is one thing I forget to think about, and inevitably grab in a mad rush before I ride… socks! Of the last 2 days of riding, I have worn two different pairs (obv), and with absolutely no thought about which to wear or why. But after todays horsey time, I will not make that mistake again…
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Performa Ride was born out of a need to be comfortable when riding.
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If you are anything like us, you have a few pairs of Performa Ride, so you know that you are comfy in top performing riding tights. What about your bra?

You might be surprised to know that you are not alone in looking for the perfect bra, you know, the one that is comfy and supportive! In our quest for the best, we hear about Q-Linn sports lingerie, and so we incorporated it into our recent photo shoot.

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Before we started Performa Ride, the thought of purchasing jodhpurs made us break out in a nervous sweat. It’s the kind of shopping trip that we would avoid at all costs, we would be ‘fixing the fences’, ‘cleaning the stables’, and even ‘washing our hair’ (ha! As if! Dry shampoo on a good day).

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