Performa Ride equestrian clothing is for all shapes and sizes, allowing you to ride freely and completely unrestricted – match your horse riding tights, breeches and tops with our matching horse gear! This includes horse rugs, saddle pads and Nettex horse grooming products.

Our equestrian tights have been designed by us, with insight and feedback by your fellow equestrian riders.

Performa Ride was created to accomodate all sizes big and small, to ensure that you will find our equestrian wear keeping you comfortable, cool and into a more comfortable riding position.

This allows you to be able to adjust, move easily in the saddle without restricting knee or hip movements.

Our Mission

Performa Ride designs horse riding apparel, with a sporting twist, including riding tights, technical shirts and breeches. Performa Ride leads with its comfortable and functional horse riding designs, suited to all conditions and disciplines. Performa Ride has revolutionised the way we think about riding apparel, bringing athletic fabrics to horse riding, with first rate sticky grip. Performa Ride is redefining horse riding apparel to be more rider conscious.

Our Approach

Not all riders are the same weight, the same height or more importantly, the same shape. Performa Ride makes it easy to wear horse riding apparel, no matter your weight, height or shape. Using athletic fabrics, Performa Ride has created horse riding tights that are suited to both pears, apples and any other fruity shape. We are riders, we understand riders, and we create our amazing products for riders.

Our Stories

Performa Ride was started by two sisters who were horse riders who hated traditional jodhpurs; thick fabrics, tight waist bands, and never quite feeling like we were sitting on the saddle. After a particularly difficult and hot ride, we knew that there had to be a better and cooler solution. Out of this need, Performa Ride was born to provide horse riders with a cooler ride in summer and a warmer ride in winter, allowing riders to express style in comfort.

Our Philosophy

We encourage horse riders to leave tradition behind and riding in Performa Ride horse riding clothing. When you are putting on your Performa Ride horse apparel, you are giving yourself the opportunity to ride without restriction. Riding your horse in Performa Ride clothing, you can express yourself through small pops of colour or match your tack to our colour block range. Performa Ride wants every rider to be themselves and be comfortable when riding.

Annmaree & Patricia

Annmaree & Patricia