It was 5 years ago, riding in the heat of the Australian spring (about 32°C) that we decided to start designing something that we could wear that would not be so bulky and hot to wear in summer.

We started with samples immediately, and had friends and family testing them from the start, with our first collection launching a few months later. Our first collection had an elastic waist band, was made from lycra and had no pockets. We quickly evolved, adding pockets, a wide waist band and a new less shiny fabric.

At each turn we added a new style, a new colour, and new options – galloping horses, aqua all over, and even winter riding tights.

When we go to events, it always strikes us how much people say “we thought you were a big company”… and we cannot decide if it is a good or bad thing. Emails come through asking for the ‘purchasing department’ or the ‘marketing team’, and it is so lovely to think how much Performa Ride has grown over the last few years, yet still it is us planning each and every pair of tights and chatting with our customers.

Trish and AnnMaree are the two sisters behind Performa Ride – we are the ones that answer your emails, design new collections, source new products and pack your orders. Sometimes we aren’t great at responding as fast as you might like, but we are still small enough that we can be agile in our decisions. AnnMaree has 3 young children, and when attending trade events, Trish runs the business and is given the title ‘best Aunty ever’.

Being horse riders from a young age (more weekend warrior than elite competitor) we love our sport, and we are committed to giving back as much as we can. Through team discounts, show sponsorship and ambassador programs, we have been able to help riders around Australia and New Zealand with their goals.

For all of our Performa Tribe, we cannot thank you enough for your continued support, and we are excited for everything that we have planned!