When it comes to horseback riding, comfort, functionality and style – these points are essential for an enjoyable experience. Equestrian enthusiasts understand the significance of high-quality riding gear, and our brand has been making waves in the equestrian community. With our innovative approach to equestrian tights, Performa Ride has set itself apart from the competition.

Performa Ride equestrian tights are designed with an innovative approach that focuses on the needs of riders. Unlike traditional riding breeches, these tights offer a snug and streamlined fit that enhances mobility and minimizes bulkiness. The strategically placed seams and panels provide a flattering contour to the rider’s body, ensuring a comfortable fit that allows for full range of motion.
This design innovation sets Performa Ride apart from its competitors, as it combines the best elements of performance sportswear with equestrian functionality.

Horse riding for extended periods can be physically demanding, where uncomfortable riding gear can hinder your performance and enjoyment. Performa Ride equestrian tights are constructed from a blend of high-quality materials that prioritize comfort without compromising on durability. The four-way stretch fabric ensures that the tights move with your body, reducing friction and chafing. Additionally, the waistband is thoughtfully designed to stay in place without digging into your skin, providing comfort throughout your ride.

Riders also often find themselves exposed to changing weather conditions, making temperature regulation a crucial aspect of equestrian gear. Our tights feature a moisture wicking fabric that draws sweat away from your skin, keeping you cool during hot rides. On colder days, our winter range provides a layer of insulation to keep you warm without causing overheating.
This adaptability to different weather conditions gives Performa Ride an edge over its competitors, as it ensures year-round comfort for riders.

Unlike many traditional riding breeches, these come equipped with functional pockets. These pockets are strategically placed to allow riders to carry essentials such as a phone, keys or horse treats conveniently. This practical feature eliminates the need for additional accessories or bulky pouches, streamlining your riding experience.
Competing brands often overlook the importance of pockets, making Performa Ride a preferred choice for riders who value both functionality and convenience.

While performance and comfort are paramount, riders also want to look stylish in the saddle. These horse-riding tights excel in this aspect as well. The tights are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, allowing riders to express their personal style.
Whether you prefer classic neutrals or bold prints, we have options to suit every taste. This versatility in design sets us apart, making our tights a fashion forward choice for riders who want to look and feel great while riding.

Investing in riding gear is an investment in your riding experience and it’s important that the gear you choose stands the test of time. The tights sold at Performa Ride are known for their exceptional durability, being used during the Gobi Desert and Tevis Cup by many of the riders as their preferred tights.
The high-quality materials, reinforced stitching, and attention to detail ensure that these tights will withstand the rigors of riding, training, and grooming sessions. This longevity gives Performa Ride a clear advantage over competitors that may offer cheaper alternatives but sacrifice durability.

Performa Ride have undoubtedly earned our reputation as a superior choice in the riding community. Our innovative design, unmatched comfort, temperature regulation, functional pockets, stylish versatility and durability make them a standout option for riders of all levels.
Investing in our equestrian tights isn’t just about owning riding gear; it’s about enhancing your riding experience, boosting your performance and enjoying every moment you spend in the saddle.

Performa Ride equestrian tights are the superior choice for riders seeking optimal performance, comfort and style.

So, why settle for less?