Four years ago, we started testing out some prototypes for what is now known as Performa Ride, and boy oh boy what a crazy time it has been since then. While we knew the need for something cool enough to ride in, in Aussie conditions, it isn’t always as straight forward in bringing ideas to life.

Launching our brand to market 3 years ago with our first riding tights, the demand has grown and grown, as people realise that there is another option to ride in!

We have travelled to so many events that we have lost count. One of our favourite events to date has been Equitana Melbourne. A photo memory popped up, Trish and I standing next to 4 pallets of Performa Ride stock and racking… just 1 year ago…

Looking back at these memories makes us realise how far we have come since launching Performa Ride. As we pack our pallets for Equitana Auckland, we think back to all of the amazing people we have met in that time, and the amazing business owners we get to deal with daily.

When you message us on Facebook or send us an email – it is Trish or I that respond. We love connecting with our customers both online and at events, and we look forward to the next years of Performa Ride, especially with all the new ideas and products we have in development!