Performa Ride customers have been showing their amazingly generous side over the last few weeks. We asked for our Performa Tribe to send in jodhpurs, so that we can re-home them to people in need, and in return we would send out a 50% off voucher.

We reached out to RDA (NSW) to understand their needs, and to connect our customers’ generosity with those needs. Performa Ride is excited to update you soon on where your jodhpurs are being used in the coming weeks. But first, a little on RDA (NSW).

Growing up, we thought we had a good idea on the services offered by RDA, but it wasn’t until we spoke with them that we really understood how much they do. In NSW alone, there are 39 centres, providing equine therapy for riders and carriage drivers aged between 3 and 80 years of age.

RDA (NSW) is a volunteer organisation that provides equine assisted activities for people with disabilities to develop and enhance their abilities. Conducting several types of equine therapy programs including carriage driving, dressage, mounted games, Equine Facilitated Mental Health and Learning, Connections Hippotherapy and therapeutic riding.

Despite being around horses for most of our lives, we can’t say that we feel qualified to help out with so much of this – BUT, you might be surprised at how easy it is to help out. You don’t need to have horse experience, you can help mend fences, garden, paint, greet riders, or general office work.

Performa Ride is excited to be able to give back to riders in need through our jodhpur re-homing program. With over 80 pairs of jodhpurs returned, we are looking forward to seeing them being used at the RDA (NSW) centres.