We have all been at a horse show only to realise on the trip home that long hours in the sun have resulted in horrible sunburn. While polo shirts have been our go to for so long as horse riders, it is time to rethink our riding wear so that we can protect our skin.

From Pony Club, through the years, and on to our next riding adventures – it is time to add more sunsafe and technical wear to our wardrobe. The type of rider apparel that is not only easy to wash and wear, but also keeps our skin protected from long days riding in the sun.

Sunsafe riding wear that is not hot! We hear it all the time – and with the huge leaps ahead in fabrics, Performa Ride offers technical riding tops that are sunsafe and keep you cool. Getting over heated while riding your horse can be a thing of the past.
The Performa Ride signature technical fabric features micro holes to give you great air flow, while also wicking your sweat to reduce your chances of chafing.

Check out our range of Technical shirts and Glacier performance riding tops to see what suits you best.