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We. Are. Equestrians.

What does an equestrian look like? You!

Maybe you have dabbled in dressage, triumphed in trail riding, cried at cross country, showed up in the show ring, or practised at pony club.

Being an Equestrian isn’t a look – it’s a feeling.

It’s the feeling of joy when you bond with your horse, the feeling of pride when you overcome a challenge, the feeling of excitement when you try something new, the feeling of gratitude when you learn from your mistakes, and the feeling of love when you share your passion with others.

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Performa Ride customers have been showing their amazingly generous side over the last few weeks. We asked for our Performa Tribe to send in jodhpurs, so that we can re-home them to people in need, and in return we would send out a 50% off voucher.

We reached out to RDA (NSW) to understand their needs, and to connect our customers’ generosity with those needs. Performa Ride is excited to update you soon on where your jodhpurs are being used in the coming weeks. But first, a little on RDA (NSW).
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Performa Ride was born out of a need to be comfortable when riding.
Our equestrian horse riding tights were genuinely made to help Australian horse riders to battle the Australian conditions. It is impossible to turn your horse out for 3 months of the year to avoid the heat, so what do you do when it is 30+ degrees out, and you still have to ride? Continue Reading “Performa Ride Horse Riding Tight Heat Test”