Kids of all ages can be so tricky to buy for, especially because so many brands are built around ages, rather than sizes. So what is deemed a 10 year old size is often not suited to kids that are 10. So many kids at the same age are wildly different sizes and shapes!

When deciding “What size riding tights should I choose for my daughter?” keep in mind their build. The beauty of riding tights is that they are stretchy! Which means we have found that riding tights last longer than traditional jodhpurs when it comes to kids.

Performa Ride has been tested personally by the daughter of the owner, and each refinement has been at her request, to make sure they are the best riding tights for kids. Maybe you have this problem in your house – Ella is super fussy about seams (particularly on socks), and has always said that they ‘feel weird’ – so Performa Ride has been designed and tested by her to make sure seams, fabric and fit are perfect for kids that have ‘weird socks’.

Making kids riding tights is not just about making smaller versions of the adults. Why? Kids feet grow often before the length of their legs which means that lots of kids have trouble getting their feet through the bottom of the riding tights with other brands. Performa Ride has been tested to be sure that they go over the feet with little strain.

Generally for sizing we say the Performa Ride Youth Small is 6/8, Youth Medium is 8/10, and Youth Large is 10/12. If your child rider is petite, then you can safely be a 12 (even sometimes 14) wearing our Youth Large.

And on the other end of it, many kids that get their growth spurt early, transition in to adults sizes between 12 and 14.

Miss Ella, the Performa Ride childrens riding tights tester, is currently 8 years old at 140cms tall and she wears a Youth Medium. When we choose clothing from regular (non horsey) stores for her, we choose size 10 or 11.

Performa Ride is always happy to help with advice on how to get the best size for your child rider, and we are always happy to exchange sizes.