Before we started Performa Ride, the thought of purchasing jodhpurs made us break out in a nervous sweat. It’s the kind of shopping trip that we would avoid at all costs, we would be ‘fixing the fences’, ‘cleaning the stables’, and even ‘washing our hair’ (ha! As if! Dry shampoo on a good day).

Why did getting new jodhpurs get us all stressed out?

Well, like most women, we are ‘womanly shaped’ (errgghhh)…. You know, im a pear and she’s an apple. So the jodhpurs that fit my small waist don’t fit her larger waist. Sounds like a simple problem to fix? I just need to find the brand that suit me, and her the ones that suit her…… BUT….. what if the ones that fit my small waist don’t fit my wide hips (or thick thighs #thickthighprobs)? And the ones that fit her waist, what if they sag around her bum like her nanna’s knickers?

Literally! This is the problem (for us).

I couldn’t fit jodhpurs that fit my pear, and she couldn’t find ones that fit her apple. The material always seemed bulky and restrictive (helloooo red marks from the waist band and large mounting blocks to get on the horse). Hence the birth of the first release of Performa Ride, starting with super stretchy fabrics and elastic waist bands. Let us tell you, what a relief it was to have a pair of stretchy pants to wear riding (not only for post birthday dinners #stretchypants).

Since then we have changed our designs are created a brand that is helping everyone to feel more comfortable when they ride. Stretchy fabrics, high waisted pants, large thigh pockets – which means you can get your leg in the stirrup to get on more easily, you can ride in a correct and unrestricted position, and you can keep cool while you ride (no more bulky fabrics and seams).
The feedback we have received has been absolutely amazing! With Performa Ride striking a chord with many women (not just the pears and apples, but the whole darn fruit bowl) – ‘where have they been our whole life’. Recently we have been so excited to hear feedback from mums with kids that are sensitive to fabrics and seams, and how Performa Ride are making getting dressed for riding a far easier task.

So instead of avoiding jodhpur shopping, we now gladly slip into our Performa Ride, and head out for a comfortable and cool ride.