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Performa Ride was born out of a need to be comfortable when riding.
Our equestrian horse riding tights were genuinely made to help Australian horse riders to battle the Australian conditions. It is impossible to turn your horse out for 3 months of the year to avoid the heat, so what do you do when it is 30+ degrees out, and you still have to ride? Continue Reading “Performa Ride Horse Riding Tight Heat Test”

If you are anything like us, you have a few pairs of Performa Ride, so you know that you are comfy in top performing riding tights. What about your bra?

You might be surprised to know that you are not alone in looking for the perfect bra, you know, the one that is comfy and supportive! In our quest for the best, we hear about Q-Linn sports lingerie, and so we incorporated it into our recent photo shoot.

Continue Reading “Testing Q-Linn Bras: Worried You Might ‘Pop Out’?”