Before a ride, I have a little checklist in my head, mostly covering off my outfit + one for the pon.
* Riding tights
* Sunsafe shirt
* Matching saddle pad

These are the only things that really ever change when I ride. But without fail, there is one thing I forget to think about, and inevitably grab in a mad rush before I ride… socks! Of the last 2 days of riding, I have worn two different pairs (obv), and with absolutely no thought about which to wear or why. But after todays horsey time, I will not make that mistake again…

So here is the verdict on the Wright socks No Blister socks vs {Insert large brand name} Sport socks:

I love sporty socks! I don’t know why, but I’m sure the bright colours have something to do with it. They are also soft and usually function really well – sweat wicking, dry quickly etc. But on todays ride (and all the feeding and grooming that follows), I noticed that familiar feeling in my little toes, a rub here and there. That little bit of rubbing quickly turned in to a blister. Clearly, these sports socks are not made for horse riding boots.

Yesterday, in the Wright Socks, I have to admit I had no such problem. I was a little sceptical at first, as someone who usually doesn’t like to pay more than $15 for a pair of socks, I wondered if they were worth the money. With their double wall, which guarantees no blisters, I wondered if they would be too thick. With their guarantees of no more blisters, I really had no choice, but to give them a go! They fit perfectly under my Dublin boots, and the soft stretchy fabric felt absolutely amazing.

The beauty of the Wright socks is that they are made from Coolmax material, making them perfect for Australian conditions, and ensuring you don’t overheat despite the double layer. The genius of these socks is exactly that, the double layer, the inner and outer layer mean that your toes don’t rub against your shoe!
Wright socks are the best way to avoid blisters – guaranteed!