Congratulations on representing Australia in the Mounted Games! You have been selected to represent Australia in Belgium. You have just received a letter telling you that you are 1 of only 5 horse riders selected to travel to Belgium to represent Australia in Mounted Games.

Siena Jackson received this letter a few months back, and she was over the moon that at just 17 years of age, she had the opportunity to represent her country. Just 5 years prior to that moment, Siena tried Mounted Games for the first time and was hooked instantly, after trying many other disciplines.

After seeing the under 17 Mounted games championships at Equitana New Zealand, we too must admit, we are hooked!

While we have heard of ‘pool ponies’ before, where a number of horses from the hosting nation provide horses for visiting nations, it really is an amazing sight in Mounted Games. The energy of these ponies! They know their job, one minute at a full stretch gallop, the next a sudden halt. Riding a new horse is enough to give us anxiety at the best of times, but imagine doing that with a horse that is taught to run at a full gallop, between flags and then stop in a heartbeat.

Siena, and our amazing Mounted Games team need our help to get to Belgium – you can support Siena, by donating to her Australian Sports Foundation page: