This revolutionary Greenguard Grazing Muzzle is making waves – selling out at Equidays NZ – and it is making a difference to the horses that wear them.

Why are Greenguard Grazing Muzzles so good?

Our Shetland pony was let out of her ‘Jenny Craig paddock’ while we were away at Equitana in November 2018. Our landlady (not horsey) felt sorry for her, and not understanding the consequences, thought she was doing a nice thing.

We came home to a very sick and sore pony. After explaining what happens to horses that cannot regulate their food intake, we went on the search for the perfect product. Our Shetland wrecked 3 traditional grazing muzzles in as many weeks…. clearly, she wasn’t a fan.

A trip to the USA saw us stumble across this amazing Greenguard Grazing Muzzle, and we haven’t looked back since! Our Shetland has had hers on (we do give 2 days a week off) since February. Not only is she out in the big wide world being a herd horse again, eating and drinking as normal, and she is moving as she should.

As soon as she had the Greenguard horse grazing muzzle on, she hasn’t tried to get it off like the old ones, and just about immediately we were able to witness her eating.