Performa Ride

Equestrian clothing for beginners all the way to advanced horse riders. Performa Ride provides comfortable fit and custom designs

Black Findlay Breeches

$149.00 AUD

Midnight Navy Findlay Breeches

$149.00 AUD

Aspen Disrupt Riding Tights

$69.00 AUD

Youth Disrupt Base Layer

$39.00 AUD

SNUG Hoodie

$89.00 AUD

Midnight Rose Luxe Halter

$19.00 AUD

Double Mesh Riding Shirt

$29.00 AUD

No Touch Scrubbing Brush

$12.95 AUD

Fleece Tracksuit Hoodie

$49.00 AUD

Fleece Tracksuit Pants

$49.00 AUD
youth disrupt horse riding tights royal blue front left performa ride

Grey Royal Technical Shirt

$49.00 AUD

Hi-Vis Horse Riding Bib

$19.00 AUD

Fleece Riding Hoodie

$19.00 AUD

Slogan Tee

$9.90 AUD